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Thought Engine believes you must be complete to compete. As a service partner for your business we realize the value of comprehensive coverage. With us you get totalized solutions for business scenarios, problems, and requirements.

Where other providers can only solve your problems in piecemeal phases, we have an expansive and proven range of professional skills always on standby to complement the services you chose from us.

We bring fully open-ended and combinable service units from the marketing, development, or cloud solutions groupings. Each individual service is deployed while considering and applying the specifics of related services



We create products rooted in imagination and applicability. Our innovative deliveries and development processes combine focused market analytics and research with systematic and layered communication that brings out the best ideas and solutions from clients and stakeholders.   


Thought Engine upgrades business utilities and existing projects along modern lines. We make it new by knowing what the market wants, and how to get it there your own way. This is an intricate process that requires co-functioning of transformative processes with stability and continuity of operations.


Our offerings and services juxtapose many contiguous domains, ranging from development to marketing to maintenance of new digital assets, along with digitalization and cloud migration of utilities, enterprise software, network infrastructure, and business processes. 


We are the technology partner your company needs to step up to challenges with a winning approach. Your digital assets and IT infrastructure such as proprietary platforms, networking, database, storage, security gets streamlined, flexible, and more adaptable from the moment you choose us.


Business Concepts

Thought Engine offers consulting for evaluation and implementation of Business Concepts. Consultancy is crucial to hit the ground running in today’s aggressive market.

Strategic Branding

Marketing sells brands, and not the product or service itself. Grasping this simple yet complex reality is what sets apart a truly competent team of professionals from others.

Digital Transformation

If you’re not on a screen, you’re left unseen— that’s the motto of business in the digital age. India is uniquely placed in the internet market as there are over 690 million internet users in 2020, which is still only half the population.

Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows what marketing does — it is all the activities put together which induce customers to buy things or avail services. But getting is done isn’t as short and sweet as this definition!


It is a smart move by any business dealing in consumer products to invest in a strong e commerce presence since aggregating and solo platforms have already eyed and captured large shares of the market.

Design & Development

UI/UX Design

Business success hinges on successful implementation of UI/UX design. When we think of any game-changing tech player in the market, the one thing that sets them apart is the look and feel of their products.


As the name suggests, it refers to the first view of the structure and organization of the asset under development. Wireframing is an essential starting point of both design and development.


Brand designing includes all aspects of product design, look, and feel, along with the brand logo and other creative elements that act as an assertion of your brand’s unique personality.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development keeps the ultimate customers and stakeholders front and center. We offer cross platform development on iOS and Android.

Software Development

Software development is one of the strongest aspects of our IT infrastructure capabilities, assuring you of a professional and high-quality development and delivery culture. 

Website Development

As an experienced player and comprehensive provider in the digital marketing and IT infrastructure sector, we at Thought Engine grasp that data, traffic, and user attention can be seen as the three ‘currencies’ in the online world.

E-Commerce Solutions

E commerce is one of the most dominant and visible form of online businesses visible in the country and the world. India’s e-commerce penetration as a percentage of total internet users has jumped by 40%, in just six years from 2014—2020.

Security Testing

Thought Engine is an end-to-end service partner that doesn’t stop at simply conceptualizing and developing premium quality digital assets. We take into account the increased risks to user data that arise once it is released to the public.  


Maintenance is a crucial process without which operational continuity stands vulnerable to disruptions. It reduces costs and mitigates risks and losses. Thought Engine provides expert maintenance as a  systematic process.

Cloud Solutions

Thought Engine is a leading provider of cloud solutions for businesses at all scales. Our delivery and support systems make us one of the top choices among service providers in this domain.

Anything as a Service

Software as a Service

Software as a Service is an essential part of cloud computing and one of the most common services offered to enterprises with specific Information Technology needs.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service subset within the ambit of Cloud Computing. SaaS covers the widest range of available services, within which IaaS is a grouping of service units.

Business Process as a Service

Business Process as a Service adapts conventional BPO services to the paid-access model of cloud computing. It provides standardized, automated business services that can be scaled as per the size of the business and current demand.

Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Let us tell you something— every potential customer of your product with a phone in their pocket is also a potential retailer and marketer of the same. Ask how? The answer is affiliate marketing.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation refers to making incoming traffic into prospective clients. It is the systematic activity of putting together a database of potential clients & segmenting them according to desired metrics to achieve sales conversions.

Copy Writing

The internet is where people discover you. It’s a great method to put yourself out there at the click of a button, but so is it for your competition. That’s where effective copywriting plays its part

Online PR

Public relations can make or break your brand’s success story. In the age of instant communication, ideas and emotions about personalities and companies are rapidly disseminated

Content Marketing

Want to know a list of websites that marketed their content effectively and retained their audience? Simply take a look at your bookmarks. All those websites had content and presentation that made them stand out for you.

Pay Per Click

When people search online for something important, they don’t want to look beyond the first five or six results. Your ad on top can be the split-second choice they make between you and rival firms. How do you get it there? With PPC Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has a social media account, but very few have the right Social Media Marketing strategies to be successful. Thought Engine moves you forward through the exciting and challenging field of social media marketing with expert solutions.

Social Media Handling

Here’s a fact to blow your mind: a whopping 447.9 million social media users from India are projected to be active in 2023, based on the 376.1 million users this year. Everything has shifted to social media platforms owing to their ever-growing base.

E-Mail Marketing

Do you think it’s okay to skip out on email marketing because it’s 2020 now and no one reads emails anymore? Think again. Email marketing is still one of the most potent gizmos available in your marketing arsenal.


In today’s world of instant Google searches, visibility is credibility. The aim is to shorten the search time it takes to lead to your online assets. It impossible to not have heard the term SEO from the moment you want to be seen online.

Influencer Marketing

The gist of our section on Social Media Management is simple— being invisible is infeasible. And yet, social media is dripping with content, many times casual and repetitive.

Video Marketing

“A Picture says a thousand words” is getting old in today’s loud and competitively noisy business field. You need something that holds audience’s attention more than a simple picture. Video marketing rules the roost online and boosts your clients

Emerging Tech

Internet of Things

Devices, appliances, and gadgets are ubiquitous today and getting smarter every day. Internet of Things (IoT) simply refers to the ecosystem created by connecting various hardware and making them ‘talk’ to each other and work in sync. IoT can be as basic or complex as you want— covering everything from a toy activated by a mobile to entire driverless transit systems.

Voice & Image processing

Just like IoT, the principle behind animating Voice and Image Processing systems is to increase consumer convenience and enhance the business model and product delivery systems. Many apps and utilities apply this technology in the form of voice searches, song recognition, image-based searches, conversion of images into text using OCR and more.


Chat support as the first interception of inbound customer queries or issue is a great way of showing the readiness and reliability of your business. Thought Engine brings together its tech and marketing teams to give you scalable chat support solution through AI-based chatbots that are also backed up by 24×7 human interactions.


Automate your business smartly with Thought Engine. Automation as a systematic process can majorly and positively influence each detail and aspect of how your business works and what it  achieves for you and your customers. Thought Engine’s service partnership can automate all those aspects of your operations and business model feasible and profitable as per your business scenario.

Marketing & Communications

We have expert marketers who know not just how to sell but are experts in the nuances  of communication and messaging. In the modern digital world with split-second attention spans and information overload, navigating through competitors to reach and retain customers calls for specialized strategies that are both unconventional yet reliable. 

Creative ideation and design, analytics, dynamic planning, and strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, SMM, and CMS coalesce into a process that returns high value on your investment.


Today’s businesses can’t afford to not have high quality digital assets such as websites and mobile apps. Enterprise software, games, and other kinds of deliverables are also being used in all kinds of conventional and creative ways to streamline operations, increase sales, attract consumers and act as marketing channels. 

Apps and websites are rapidly gaining ground as the primary avenues for customer discovery, interactions, and in/outbound marketing. We at Thought Engine have assembled talented and driven developers inspired not just by development but the idea and vision behind each project.

Cloud Solutions

SaaS, IaaS, and BPaas are the three main service layers of cloud computing which use the remote access and subscription-based distribution model. Thought Engine is a premium cloud solutions provider for your business that allows you to enjoy all the benefits that this technology has to offer to your venture, while providing excellent delivery and support systems to maintain the optimum quality and utility of our services. Avail cloud-based software, network infrastructure, servers and storage, along with automated and cloud-based business processes such as customer care and B2B liaising. 

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