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E commerce is one of the most dominant and visible form of online businesses visible in the country and the world. India’s e commerce penetration as a percentage of total internet users has jumped by 40%, from around 30% to 70% in just six years from 2014—2020. This huge boom is accompanied by a steady rise in the importance and worth of ecommerce transactions worldwide. It is a smart move by any business dealing in consumer products to invest in a strong e commerce presence since aggregating and solo platforms have already eyed and captured large shares of the market.  

If yours is a venture in retail and manufacturing, or if your business has a unique brand of products, ecommerce is going to be the de facto avenue towards market survival and success in the upcoming future. Transformation to Ecommerce can occur simultaneously with the operations of physical stores of conventional businesses without hindrances. Are you ready to take the plunge and enjoy the gains? With Thought Engine, you definitely are! 


Selling online allows you to take control of how customers view your catalogue and the deals and offers you bring to the market. It increases the visibility of products, performs marketing functions and has a profitable impact on consumer psychology. Ease of returns and attractive design and user experience also play an important role in ecommerce success and increased adoption. 


Ecommerce platforms being online assets can be optimized both in terms of content and by conducting outside facing activities like SEO, Branding, SMM, and other marketing techniques. Thought Engine’s expertise cutting across these inter related niches delivers visible results by increasing reach and awareness, which ultimately drive and outperform revenue expectations. 


Setting up and maintaining an ecommerce store is a profitable avenue to business growth because it cuts the costs of acquiring and operating physical spaces and manpower. Post 2020, the demand for essential and recreational services through ecommerce modes will pick up further, since it offers effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  


Ecommerce widens the consumer base of your company and enables distant or unavailable customers to take their business to you. It makes your retail and manufacturing business modernized and in step to outpace the competition.

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How we do it

Thought Engine brings to its service partners effective ecommerce solutions to enter the market at the level desired by our clients. Whether it is upgrading existing websites and applications to incorporate ecommerce sales or planning and implementing a fresh entry into the sector both independently and through an aggregating platform, our team of developers, strategists, marketers, and content creators ensure that you enter as well as scale your venture in this sector confidently yet smartly. 

Adopting ecommerce leads to quicker sales conversions and boosts revenues and profitability. It drives increased sales while beating the limitations of space and location. It is a versatile business model that can be smoothly plugged into the company’s proprietary platforms such as websites and apps. It gives more options to customers and gives them the feeling of control over their business relationship with your company, which benefits you in the long term due to retention, referrals, and overall goodwill.  

Other Services

UI/UX Design

Business success hinges on successful implementation of UI/UX design. When we think of any game-changing tech player in the market, the one thing that sets them apart is the look and feel of their products.

Website Development

As an experienced player and comprehensive provider in the digital marketing and IT infrastructure sector, we at Thought Engine grasp that data, traffic, and user attention can be seen as the three ‘currencies’ in the online world.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development keeps the ultimate customers and stakeholders front and center. We offer cross platform development on iOS and Android.

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