Digital Marketing— Unmatched Benefits

Why do you think 55% of professionals have a well-defined Digital Marketing strategy?

Is it enough to just create social media accounts, buy a domain, and wait for the internet to magically do something?

Obviously not!

There are numerous highly competitive businesses present on the internet today. They are vying for attention in a lucrative digital landscape, targeting an audience of around 4.66 billion worldwide.

With 624 million online this year, India boosted its internet user base by 8.2%, i.e. 47 million new users. Of this, the number of social media users has received a major fillip from the COVID Lockdown of 2020, with an increase of around 78 million from last year. This is because of big changes in all sectors caused by the near-instant shift to remote operations.  

Why Digital Marketing Matters

Digital marketing is winning and growing over other mediums, and here’s why:

  • It is a low/zero-cost option for starting up, opening a path towards for high business growth.
  • Strategies and tactics in this field are dynamic, offering new opportunities.
  • It allows you to carve out a precise business niche and target audience.
  • If utilized and monitored properly, digital marketing assets generate revenues at a consistent scale.

These are just some of the many advantages of digital marketing for your business.

But to make the best of it, you need a combination of market intelligence and domain knowledge.

We at Thought Engine know that market presence is the essence of business success. We have worked successfully with many ventures to profitably transform their audience connections and outreach. Making a unique mark on the ever-shifting digital space requires the right mix of solid strategy and on-the-spot flexibility. Benefits and drawbacks of digital marketing are two sides of a coin.

Audience attention is short, but captivating them makes you go viral.

Content niches may seem saturated, yet brands with unique voices often punch far above their weight online.

Nil or negligible investment for entry also leads to heavy reliance on tactics, tools, and strategies that are constantly disrupted and reworked.

In short, you need expert and dedicated services from a team that is not only skilled but also passionate about what they do. This is where Thought Engine comes into your venture’s success story. Whether it’s taking your first steps to set yourself up online, or transitioning and modernizing your established business, we know what it takes and how to get there.

Digital marketing contains a whole host of different activities, all the way from strategizing, planning, and execution. Within these broad heads are the specific services and quality deliverables that distinguish us from the others.

Let’s briefly walk through a few of them:

1.Content: The One King to Rule Them All!

Content is the common currency ubiquitous in its presence and effects in the entire digital space. Developing a sound content strategy means understanding how various types of content work together, like gears in a bigger machine. Textual and multimedia content must convey a consistent brand messaging in their unique voice. Know more about Content Strategy at Thought Engine here.

2.SEO: Win Google’s Love

The importance of SEO cannot be overstated. It is an essential skill at the core of every digital marketer’s skillset. We have said before that in the Google-dominated world of today, visibility is credibility. And yet, the high volume of traffic and the permanent instability of algorithm changes makes having expert SEO professionals mandatory for any serious business. Here is how SEO Services are provided by Thought Engine.

3.Friends and Trends: Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Networking and Connections is the spark for the social media boom. Many users have found fame and followers through their social accounts. These are known as ‘influencers’, the new age version of brand ambassadors. Affiliates are another option you can tap into. We can make this form of marketing work wonders for you. Know about these services here and hare

4.Social Media Handling: Engage and Convert

How many people do you know without a social media profile? Not too many, we’re sure of that. The same goes for businesses. After all, when you’ve got so many people engaged in such a vast and interconnected ecosystem, it makes sense to leverage it for your business’s needs and growth. Get started on Social Media for Businesses with Thought Engine.

5.Ideate and be Great: Creative Deliverables

Grabbing attention means grabbing the market. No matter how great or how unique your brand or product, wowing audiences with your brand’s creativity makes you memorable and distinctive. Striking graphics, memorable videos, and catchy taglines and slogans are super valuable assets that present you as a compelling and relatable brand. Here’s how we do it differently, above and beyond the rest.



1.       55% Marketers: “45% of organizations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

Source: Smart Insights, 2020”


Them inside pre-made marketing strategies is often a major mistake. So how do you do it the right way? Here’s where at Thought Engine step in with the most relevant and on-point service solutions out there.