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Security has always been a key concern for businesses, as any loopholes or leaks can not only damage commercial interests but also seriously harm the customers and other stakeholders involved with the venture. In the present digital age where information is available at a single click, there is just as much that can go wrong as there is to be excited about.  

Thought Engine is an end-to-end service partner that doesn’t stop at simply conceptualizing and developing premium quality digital assets. We take into account the increased risks to user data and to the product itself that arise once it is released to the public in the market.  

Security testing is on top of every business’ prime concerns, especially those where the main revenue generation occurs through IT infrastructure. Even if your core competency is not IT related, it pays to have dynamic yet secured web assets much more than it costs. Protection from hackers, ransomware, malicious software, etc. is crucial when your organization is entrusted with sensitive third-party data or owns proprietary content of significant market value. 


Thought Engine offers reliable and actionable security testing results and analyses free of false positives or incomplete coverage of potential threats. Our team’s expertise and experience guarantees that we have went over every pain area painstakingly. 


The stakes and consequent incentives for malpractices in this domain have only increased over the years. Leaks and misuse of financial, medical, governmental data and cases of privacy breaches on platforms used and trusted by millions of people.


We at Thought Engine are abreast of not only the conventional threats but also emerging problem areas in the cybersecurity landscape. 


To avoid legal complications and vulnerabilities arising from unintentional leaks of sensitive and confidential data, connect with  Thought Engine for security testing from the experts. Regular and thorough security testing ensures compliance with regulations, avoids losses and prevents customer harm. 

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As website owners it may seem to make sense to focus on revenue generating areas only, such as Content Management or enhanced features, but the fact remains that the online space is teeming with threats to unprotected web assets. Thought Engine brings a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing security landscape to its security testing services and software. With a top-down coverage of conventional and emerging problem areas such as cross site scripting/browser sink attacks, authentication weaknesses, source code disclosure or hostile network access, your service partnership with us is guaranteed to provide a comprehensive and reliable security testing that identifies and corrects cyber vulnerabilities and sets in place effective protocols to handle eventualities on a running basis.  

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