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Great Brand Design Wins all the Time

It may sound cliched to compare a picture with a thousand words, but it’s well known that visual appeal matters. Wowing audiences with impactful, eye catching, stunning aesthetics builds up a positive impression.  Brand designing includes all aspects of product design, look, and feel, along with the brand logo and other creative elements that act as an assertion of your brand’s unique personality.  

Thought Engine with its teams of designers and marketers delivers customized brand design solutions. We draw upon our expertise  to bring a complete market vision synced with the identity and persona that you want your brand to convey to the world.  

There are successful companies all over that have carved out a space in the market, riding on the success of their brand design. Defined by the look, feel, and appearance, there are many names always in thoughts and conversations of audiences. Thought Engine’s Brand Design takes in the thought processes of Strategic Branding and creates deliverables like logos and graphics, along with formulating the overall design plan of content as it appears to third parties and end-users.  


The Thought Engine brand design team creates logos, layouts, colour schemes, typefaces, illustrations and animation, forms and plugins, brochures, catalogues, white papers, proposals, digital business cards, and everything else that is visible and usable for the end users and further their interest and interactions with your brand. This gives your brand a unique place and distinct looks and feel.


Designing to project the brand’s personality, message, and values calls for a deep understanding of the brand’s unique offering in the market, researching its intended audience, and planning the design to align with the identity that the brand seeks to create. This is interconnected with Content Management, Copywriting, Business Concept Consultancy, and other relevant Thought Engine skill sets.


Brand design often prefigures the quality and reasons to buy or avail from your business in the minds of consumers.  Seeing Thought Engine’s brand designing is like meeting someone really cool. You remember the person because of how they behave, look, talk, or think. The same goes for creating an identity for your brand through designs that define its uniqueness and create intimacy with the audience.


Thought Engine is an end-to-end service specialist, making sure that our brand design is congruent with the overall Strategic Marketing  and Communication objectives of the business. Attractive and precise brand design gives a fillip to marketing campaigns and lends credibility to its claims and messaging. 

Growth-Centric SEO Services

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How we do it

Defining and creating the themes, colour combinations and layouts for websites, apps, and virtual business cards, making creative judgements about the detail vs. simplicity of design, using or creating appropriate typography, and making beautiful brochures, catalogues, proposals and reports, etc. congruent with your brand’s personality and business objectives are just some of the main focus areas of Thought Engine’s approach to Branding.  

Other Services

UI/UX Design

Business success hinges on successful implementation of UI/UX design. When we think of any game-changing tech player in the market, the one thing that sets them apart is the look and feel of their products.

Website Development

As an experienced player and comprehensive provider in the digital marketing and IT infrastructure sector, we at Thought Engine grasp that data, traffic, and user attention can be seen as the three ‘currencies’ in the online world.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development keeps the ultimate customers and stakeholders front and center. We offer cross platform development on iOS and Android.

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