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Thought Engine empowers brands and ventures by creating bespoke Digital & IT infrastructure solutions. Our expertise cuts across industry domains and service specializations, effecting result-driven transformations & scaling.


Experts at our company undertake professional evaluation of business
concepts and ideas towards delineating a robust yet adaptable framework of strategizing and operations.


Our workflows, procedures, and policies organize and actualize the concepts and strategies formulated during planning. We have placed effective oversight and supervision protocols at key nodes of each project’s execution process.


Harnessing feedback loops organically on a running basis defines our approach to post-execution review. We constantly identify areas for improvement to incorporate the constant dynamic between performance and improvement.


Assimilating changes & improvements without disrupting the deployment of projects is the key to the ultimate success of business objectives. We ensure course correction & realignment of the project’s trajectory to the planned framework.

We create real impact
for those who partner
with us

We design, build and support websites and apps for
clients worldwide.

Competitive analysis

We bring expertise in market research to our Consultancy and strategizing practices. We have the tools and experience to derive reliable and serviceable results from analyses of competitors that incorporates shifts and trends in the market as well.

Strategy and research

Failing to plan means planning to fail. Each move in the market must be strategized and recalibrated to adjust to changing scenarios  Thought Engine comprises of consultants, analysts, communications and marketing experts with the latest knowhow of functional and result-oriented tactics. 

We use our focused set of capabilities
to build great experiences

We bring a constantly updated field of knowledge to bear upon the projects we undertake for clients. 

Reports & Analytics

Our business decisions and those that we make for our clients are grounded in solid reports and analytics. With us as a service partner, you are assured of measurable results that are achieved by proceeding based on data-driven metrics. This ensures consistency and professionalism of all services rendered by Thought Engine.

Marketing & Management

To succeed in the market as it stands today, you need to tell something to sell something. Our Marketing goes beyond simple customer awareness or rhetorically convincing them to drive sales. It is a gamut of activities focused on creating a favourable perception, affinity, and genuine need and desire for the offerings of your business. 

We Solve Real Problems

What Can We Do For You?

Social Media

We bring you the tools to leverage the power of social media, covering a whole range of branding, marketing, and outreach activities that tap into the best.


With our SEO services you can boost your search rankings and ensure maximum correspondence of your page’s content with user queries in your niche.


Successful PPC outcomes are achieved by an alignment of traffic drivers and business goals. PPC Marketing has high ROI at every stage of the sales funnel, covering discovery to conversions.

Lead Generation

Translate traffic into actual customers with our proven lead generation strategies. Based on an analysis of the business niche & target audience, we deploy lead generation and conversion tactics while maintaining the goodwill of your business.

Website Development

Web development at Thought Engine caters to a diverse range of business needs & niches, providing our clients with a premium website that represents them uniquely and powerfully. An aesthetic website that combines functionality with a great user experience.

App Development

App development at Thought Engine brings you cutting-edge web & mobile applications that function as a comprehensive digital asset of your business. A dedicated app is pervasive in its presence and uses in the modern business landscape. 

We’re as good as they say we are

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Meet the team

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Great things are rarely achieved alone. Thought Engine is glad to present our dedicated team of professionals driven by passion and love for doing what they work at.

Kunal Khanna

Creative Director

Vinod Chitkara

Art Director

Keshav Maini

SEO Specialist

Arjun Banerjee

Content Creator

Deepak Shukla

Art Director

Rod Mikey

SEO Specialist

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