Frequently Asked Questions

1Q1. Does your business have online presence? Still deciding to go online or not??
Imagine if Dominos didn’t have online ordering; if Flipkart was a shop in Connaught Place & if Gmail was a private courier service. Just imagine! The Indian online market has reached the fat figure of 243 Million internet users in June 2014. In today’s date, a website serves as a dynamic & 24×7 accessible visiting card. And it’s a fact, if people are looking for a service or specific item, they will surely search for it online. Having you company in the search results points the spotlight to your deliver-ability & brand value.
2Q2. What next steps must one take after going online?
Simply owning a website isn’t enough to swim above your competition and reach out to your target audience. brandhype.in an Online Marketing Agency in Gurgaon, lays out a step-wise blueprint to take your business into the finer aspects of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization, Digital Campaigns, Social Media Integration and Analytics to name a few.
3Q3. Does your website reach out to people looking for it in search engines?
Search engines crawl & index millions of pages everyday. The primary aim is to return search results most relevant to the users query (keyword matches, primarily). So why not give the crawlers a little something to chew on? The brandhype.in Online Marketing Agency in Gurgaon ensemble executes premier Search Engine Optimization, tagging & flagging your brand website as the most relevant result for your target audience’s query.
4Q4. Is your website compatible with mobiles, tabs & other digital devices?
‘Responsive’ means a website design with easy reading & navigation; brandhype.in utilizes cutting edge technology to provide Hi – End digital spaces with the optimal viewing experience. Choose from a wide range of Vibrant, Aesthetic templates best suited for your brand image. Our development team would be more than happy to customize each page to your liking.
5 Q5. Can your website compete with technologically upgraded, Hi-end web spaces?
In the online network today, websites must be lightweight & code based. The brandhype.in development team ensures emphasis on a jerk-free user experience through dynamic, CMS based, mobile optimized websites. ‘Focused Websites’, are the first two words in our developer’s dictionary.
6 Q6. Is your presence on social media effective and ideal?
On the World Wide Web, 6 social media portals stand out as being the most used & frequented by online users. The experienced team at brandhype.in providing expert Online Marketing Services in Gurgaon manages, maintains, updates & iterates each of these portals so as to provide high scale engagements & trends for your brand.


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